Sana's Roadmap Portal offers a sneak peek into what product developments we’re planning. We are hopeful that the below can shed some light on our roadmap, but it is important to understand that it is being shared for informational purposes only.

Main focus for 2019 is "Project Jupiter" to improve Sana's design system.
1) Visual Designer - our improved drag & drop CMS for creating and updating content in a visual way. 
2) New front-end based on React with great performance improvements and the first steps towards a Progressive Web App (PWA) and other headless solutions.

Sana 9.3.4:           Released on Wednesday, 26 September 2019
ETA Sana 9.3.5:    End of Q4 2019 (only stability / performance improvements)

status-icon Planned

Support tax number validation for B1 and ECC

expected Sana 9.3.4 / 9.4 release
Tax numbers for new customer registration will also be validated for SAP B1 and ECC.

Search engine improvements

expected in a future release
We are currently investigating different ways how to improve our search functionality.

Sana Admin Dashboard

expected in a future release
We will enrich Sana Admin with an intelligent dashboard where customers get warnings / recommendations relating to their web store. This dashboard will most likely get an Action Centre so that shop owners can easily see if everything is all right with their shop. We might also add Sana and E-commerce statistics to this dashboard later on.

Improve Sana's data portability

expected in a future release
We want to improve Sana's data portability: importing and exporting shop accounts, web pages, flexi-pages, product information, reviews etc. Also importing / export web store settings and exchange them between web stores is a very scalable feature.

Authentication Extension Point

expected in a future release
We are investigation the potential technological feasibility and benefits of building an Authentication Extension Point in Sana so that the authentication can also be based on identity providers other than the shop account email address (such as open standards for authentication).

status-icon In Progress

[Add-on] Consignor shipping integration

expected Q3/Q4 2019 release
Calculate shipping costs via Consignor and offer flexibility to your shop visitors by offering both delivery and pick-up options.

[Add-on] Transsmart shipping integration

expected Q3 2019 release
Calculate shipping costs with Transsmart, for ultimate freedom of choice in carriers and delivery/pick-up options

Improved Sana design framework

expected Jupiter release
We are currently investigating various improvements to Sana's design and front-end framework. In the short term, we will focus on adding more flexibility in changing the design of the header / footer. We are also working on a Visual Designer for drag & drop functionality for updating content. This will make it much easier for shop owners to create and maintain their content.

We also started with huge performance improvements by implementing a design front-end framework (React JS). This will make our Sana web stores extremely fast, and will be first step towards a Progressive Web App. We are also working on a more advanced Design System which consists of a Sana style guide, pattern library and a component library in the longer term.

[Add-on] Amazon Pay payment integration

expected Q4 2019 release
Checkout with the fast and secure payment method from Amazon

Visual Designer

expected Jupiter release
Our improved drag & drop CMS for creating and updating content in a visual way.

Sana Admin full redesign

expected Jupiter release
Sana Admin is currently being fully redesigned based on the latest design trends (also built on React).

status-icon Released

RMA support

Sana 9.2 release
Sana delivers an easy and personalized return experience that will help build trust between shop owners and their clients. The return process is automated and integrated with your ERP’s sales order processing, whether the order is placed online or by phone.

One step checkout

Sana 9.2 release
Sana now offers a Guest checkout option that allows shoppers to order without creating an account and still get the same shopping experience as registered clients. This feature helps web store owners optimize and increase their conversion. Making it easy for clients to checkout without registering can increase the number of orders as well. With this option, the client is not stored within your ERP, but only used for a single order. 

Sales Agreements

Sana 9.3 release
Many of our B2B customers have sales agreements with their customers (e.g. if a customer commits to buying 1,000 bikes in a year, the customer gets a 10% discount) and Sana will be able to use this information from the ERP in the web store. Web store visitors can view their active sales agreements and apply them when placing a new order.

Credit limits set in the ERP

Sana 9.3 release
Sana can now enforce any customer credit limits set up in the ERP. The shop owner can choose to either display a warning or prevent the customer from proceeding to the checkout until the outstanding balance has been paid.

Sales Agent that represents all customers

Sana 9.3.3 release
Usually, Sales Agents are connected in the ERP to specific customers. Without this link, it's not possible for a Sales Agent to place orders for these customers. With the introduction of this new feature, it will be possible to create a shop account that can represent each ERP customer and place orders on behalf of them, even if that Sales Agent is not connected to a particular customer in the ERP.

Product and order attachments

Sana 9.2 release
Now you can use document management in your ERP system to attach files and add URLs to your product and order records. This feature makes it easy to attach PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint files and images to products in your web store.

Configurable: reference number as required field

Sana 9.3 release
“Reference number” is a field in the checkout process that previously could be enabled/disabled. This field can now also be configured as mandatory, so that web store visitors are required to complete this field. This will help shop owners with their invoice process.

Free shipping discount code

Sana 9.3 release
Shop owners can now create a discount code for free shipping.

Start/stop date for Content Blocks

Sana 9.3 release
Holiday sales and other promotions can now be prepared in advance. Shop owners can now prepare campaigns in Sana Admin, so they do no longer have to enable banners on the day of the holiday. This feature also includes a preview function for previewing the

Add possibility to configure a technical store email address

Sana 9.3 release
As a Sana Admin, I want to be able to configure a "technical store email" where I receive emails that when the ERP is down, so that these emails are separated from the other Sana emails

[Add-on] Improved search functionality in Store Locator

Q1 2019 release
Searching in Store Locator will be better than ever; just enter the location to find the closest store available.

Improved "contact us" form

Sana 9.3 release
The “contact us” form will be improved. The fields will be populated based on the logged-in shop account information. We also added reCAPTCHA protection against spam.

Connect payment terms in the ERP with Sana

Sana 9.3 release
We learned from feedback that customers have a strong desire to connect the payment terms in their ERP with Sana. With this new feature, it is possible to distinguish payment methods for different customers.

New <code> content block

Sana 9.3 release
If you’re a more advanced shop owner, you might like to inject page-specific HTML and JavaScript. Shop owners are no longer limited by the Froala editor. This code block can be used for embedding videos etc. and other design materials.

Sana Apps

Sana 9.3 release
With Sana Apps, it will be possible to install, remove and upgrade add-ons, language packs and design packs from the Sana Admin. Sana Apps will only be available for Sana customers without customizations.

Improved Sana Apps user interface

Sana 9.3.2 release
The user interface of Sana Apps in Sana Admin will be enhanced with filtering and search options for the available add-ons.

Display payment discount for timely payments in the check-out

Sana 9.3.3 release
B2B customers will see their payment discount amount between the subtotal and total amounts, so that they know how much discount they get if I pay early/on time and I might complete the order with this information.

Online invoice payment

Sana 9.2 release
Sana 9.2 brings a highly requested feature for merchants who want to accept invoice payments from their business clients via credit card or other online payment methods.

Improved facet values sorting

Sana 9.3.2 release
Sana will have an improved facet value sorting which is especially relevant for alpha / numerical facet values.

Shipping cost configuration for US and Canadian states

Sana 9.3 release
Shop owners can now configure shipping costs per state for U.S. and Canadian states.

SEO improvements

Sana 9.3.1 release
SEO improvements based on new developments (improved "href lang tags", x-default href lang domains will be added, nofollow-tag will be removed from the breadcrumb, improved product titles)

Expand reCAPTCHA protection on other Sana forms

Sana 9.3.1 release
The reCAPTCHA protection will be expanded to the Customer Registration Form and the Write a Review page.

[Add-on] eCheck/ACH payments support in Payfabric

Q4 2018 release
Payfabric for Sana 9.3.0 and later, will now support eCheck and ACH payments, instead of Credit Cards only. With eChecks and ACH payments, Sana customers can offer this payment method typically to avoid high processing fees.

Content Blocks on the Contact Us page

Sana 9.3.1 release
It will now be possible to use content blocks in the header and the footer of the Contact Us page.

Code Content Block in full width

Sana 9.3.1 release
The Code Content Block will become available in full width.

Showing the credit limit warning during the check-out

Sana 9.3.1 release
The warning that a web store visitor will increase his / her credit limit will now also be shown during the check-out (and not only in the basket).

Configurable pre-ticked Terms & Conditions checkbox

Sana 9.3.2 release
It will be possible to configure whether the Terms & Conditions checkbox during the last step of the check-out is checked by default (configurable for B2C / B2B / sales agents).

Icons in Sana Admin for Content Blocks with a start / stop date

Sana 9.3.2 release
In Sana Admin, it's possible to configure a start/stop date for Content Blocks. If a staging date is configured, an icon will be shown in Sana Admin (similar to customer segments).

Debug ERP request tab in Sana Admin will be enabled by default

Sana 9.3.1 release
The Debug ERP request in Sana Admin will be enabled by default as of Sana 9.3.1.

ERP calls improvement

Sana 9.3.1 release
GetRetailOffers will only be called if a retail solution on the ERP side is installed.

Various security and performance improvements

Sana 9.3.1 release
Various security, bug fixes and performance improvements. We also added latency for calculating the basket to increase the protection for the ERP server.

Email notification to shop administrator for failed scheduled tasks

Sana 9.3.3 release
Shop administrators can enable getting email notifications for failed Scheduled Tasks. This will notify them if there is something wrong with their web store, so they can easily follow-up on it.

[Add-on] Video Content Block

Q1 2019 release
Increase conversion rates for your business, by adding online videos (Youtube, Vimeo, externally hosted) to your Sana store (9.3.0 or later). Welcome your visitors with a great product-/brand video.

Shipping methods filter for customer segments

Sana 9.3.1 release
Shipping methods can be made available for certain customer groups based on a customer segment filter.

Sending welcome emails after registration of new customers

Sana 9.3.2 release
We will add a new email template that will be sent to newly registered customers.

Installing and removing language packs in Sana Admin

Sana 9.3.2 release
Installing and removing language packs will be integrated within Sana Apps so that shop owners can directly add and remove language packs in their Sana Admin.

Language registration for new newsletter applicants

Sana 9.3.1 release
If a web store visitor registers for the web shop's newsletter, the selected language will also be saved and shown in Sana Admin (and included in the export file).

Standard integration with product configurator e-Con

Sana 9.3.4 release
We are currently investigating standard integration with the product configurator e-Con out-of-the-box (Sana requires e-Con version 2019-02-18 or newer). This might be done through an extension point which potentially also could be used by other product configurators.

Comment, Delivery Date and Reference Number fields available in check-out for B2C

Sana 9.3.2 release
It will be possible to enable a Comment, Delivery Date and Reference Number field in the check-out for B2C (similarly as currently available for B2B and Sales Agents). The Reference Field can be optional or mandatory.

[Add-on] Product Set Carousel content block

Q2 2019 release
Promote your product sets in this new carousel content block and increase the conversion rate of these products.

[Add-on] inRiver iPMC (cloud) PIM-integration to enrich ERP products in your Sana webstore

Q3 2019 release
Enrich your product information in Sana, using inRiver as the single-source-of-truth for your product information.

[Add-on] Hero image content block with slow fading animations

Q2 2019 release
Add more dynamic content to your webstore with this Hero Image. With a Ken Burns or a Black & White effect, you'll get more attention from your webstore visitors. 

[Add-on] Payment integration (accept hosted API)

Q2 2019 release
Integration with's latest API: Accept hosted.

Customer service department can login as a customer

Sana 9.3.3 release
A new button in the shop account overview in Sana Admin so that customer service departments can impersonate a shop account. The advantage will be that the Customer Service department will see the exact same as the customer. Another advantage is that the service department can (i) prepare a basket for this user, (ii) create an order template for this user, (iii) help an account manager with managing sub accounts, and (iv) assist a sales agent with creating a prospect or representing a customer.

Product Comparison

Sana 9.3.4 release
We will add a configurable Product Comparison feature to Sana so that web store visitors can compare products in the web store.

Mix & Match functionality

Sana 9.3.3 release
Sana has released some exciting mix & match functionality as part of our add-on. Whereby a combination of items can lead to an additional discount. This is currently available for NAV, BC, AX and F&O. In NAV and BC, the discount is applied on header level, whereas in AX and F&O it is on line level. This feature will be further enhanced in future releases.

[Add-on] Perfion PIM-integration to enrich ERP products in your Sana webstore

Q1 2019 release
Enrich your product information in Sana, using Perfion as the single-source-of-truth for your product information. Connector v3 is available in Sana Apps, supporting multi-stores and SaaS.

[Add-on] Mollie PSP release

Q3 2019 release
With Mollie you can process payments in your Sana store. Mollie supports the common payment methods for the Benelux region.

Mix & Match - Multiple per basket

9.3.4 release
For NAV, Business Central, AX and Finance & Operations, we will be releasing the capability to use multiple Mix & Match records within a single Sana order.